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Get the Best of Wholesale Pillow Manufactures in New York

Pillows Deluxe is well recognized as wholesale pillow manufacturers New York who offer a wide array of pillows for different comfort levels. It is so important to shop for the right pillow as it helps build the perfect support system for your beauty sleep!

How long can a pillow be used? That depends on the quality of the pillow. What we offer are high-quality pillows that are firm yet soft and will last a good long time. From bed pillows to custom pillows, we import the luxurious stuff. We offer custom pillow manufacturing as well as bed pillow manufacturing in our wholesale pillow manufactures New York.

Your Pillow’s Job:

Pillows to keep the spine in accurate alignment should be the goal of every pillow manufacturer. It should be designed and stuffed in a way that fits your size as well as curves.

Special Support for Spinal Issues:

Have issues with your spinal cord? It’s crucial for you to buy the right bed pillow to maintain the quality of your night sleep. As you may know, sleep itself is a healer for the body, so using great quality pillows ensures that your health remains well.

Pillow Fillings:

Different pillows provide different levels of support. Our pillow fillings are very natural and less structured so you can enjoy a better sleep. After trying our products, you will love our variety!

Pillows for Position:

We stock pillows to suit all sleep positions. Back, side or stomach, we’ve got you comfy!

• The back sleeper: There are so many people who love to sleep while lying on their backs. Best for that is the flat or thin pillow which helps in supporting your head and spine. The wedge pillows are most used by back sleepers. This low profile pillows keep your spine aligned and are best suited to support your head and shoulders.
• The side sleeper: Get the firmest support with our contoured pillows. A researched idea for side-sleepers is to place a pillow between the legs, to uphold spine alignment and prevent strain on the back.
• The stomach sleeper: For the stomach sleeper, there can be an elimination head support while sleeping. So, the stomach sleeper requires thin pillows. The most comfort a stomach sleeper can get is by placing a pillow under the stomach.

How to Know When Your Pillow Needs to be Replaced?

Try this simple method to know if your pillows need to be replaced.

First, fold your pillows in half (or in three, for larger pillows) and you squeeze all the air out. After releasing the air from the pillow, it must spring back into its previous position (the original shape) as well as its fullness. If it doesn’t get back to its previous position then you need to get your pillow list ready! Luckily, Pillows Deluxe is ready and waiting to replenish your pillow stock!

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Get Pillows in Your Style From Custom Pillow Manufacturers

Did your night make you feel lethargic in the morning?

You may have a feeling that you got a good sleep, but then your body aches when you wake up in the morning.Uh-oh, that’s a pillow issue!

Did you know that most people spend one-third of their lives with their head on their pillow?

That’s why it’s so important that you choose the one that actually suits your body, health and the method of your sleeping. If you want to get the pillows best suited to you, custom pillow manufacturing is the right medium for you.

How do custom pillow manufacturers help you customize your pillows?

Pillows are the mini bed for our head, shoulders, and spine. Pillows provide the support for your neck and head just as your bed provides good support for your body. The pillow should be manufactured in such a way that it holds your head in the right position for the spine and shoulders. It could be compared to the importance of correct posture while standing. Custom pillow manufacturers provide the custom pillow designed according to your style.

Getting your custom pillow is easy, just fill your specifications into our order request form and you’re good to go.
More enticing options at Pillows Deluxe are throw pillows and decorative pillows, make sure to check them out!

What do You Need to let us Know To Customize Pillows?


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You can select the depth and width of the pillow while measuring from front to back. Width can also be measured while standing in front of the pillow.




Type of Pillow Ticking:

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Our custom pillow manufacturing options include pillow tickings in woven, non-woven and down-proof form. So, get your choice of size and ticking to get your custom pillow closer to you!





Type of Pillow Filling:

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The filling is as important as selecting the pillow and its cover type. We’ve got many different pillow filling options, such as poly-fiber, down, ball-fiber, micro-fiber, and different feather combinations