Specialty Pillows

Our custom pillow inserts are available with the same premium fill and ticking options as our bed and hotel pillows. We can fill your pillow shell with our insert, zipper or button it closed, and follow special packing instructions for your programs. We can also blow-fill your shells provided by customers. Pillows can make a big impact on your room. As wholesale pillow manufacturers we feature bed and hotel pillows, sleeping pillows with many pillowinsert options, decorative cushions, and specialty pillows.


Why do wholesale pillow manufacturers care about your customers’ sleeping positions?

We need to ensure that you get the best pillows for their best rest!

Here are some tips: Make sure your neck and head are aligned when you go to sleep. The best way to search for the perfect pillow for you is to match your pillow to your sleep position.

Now, what’s your favorite way to get some shut-eye?

Are you a side sleeper?

That sure is the most common way to sleep! You may need an extra firm pillow for that, because it maintains the proper alignment of your neck curve. Wholesale pillow manufacturers avail the superb latex pillow that won’t flatten over time and will support your head at a proper angle.

How about back sleeping?

Back sleepers often stop breathing properly, which brings on many a snore. Pillows Deluxe’s solution? two or three firm pillows to elevate the upper half of your body.

And a hand for stomach sleepers

When stomach sleeping, your face is very close to the mattress. We provide a thin and soft pillow that is filled with lots of feathers. It can keep your natural curve of neck erect.

They’ll be so happy you went with Pillows Deluxe because

With our top-notch service, you’ll get to choose the perfect pillows suited to your customers’ tastes and needs, and cure them from insomnia, neck pain, snoring, restless leg syndrome, and everything else that disturbs a perfect night’s sleep.