Decorative Cushions
& Specialty Pillows

Our stock of decorative cushion shapes includes round, bolster, heart and triangle-shaped. We make a variety of specialty pillows, too. Some of our customers’ favorites include nursing and maternity body pillows.

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Decorative cushions and Specialty Pillows

You’ll love our amazing collection of decorative cushions and specialty pillows. With our wide stock of shapes, sizes and fills for specialty pillows, you can create a super comfortable and attractive bed! Think-pressure relieving memory foam wrapped in our cooling fabric to enhance the comfort. As prime pillow manufacturers, here’s more on what we have to offer:

Round-shaped Pillow: Sometimes the small decorative accents can produce an amazing impact on the room. If you want to make your room more interesting, then you can simply brainstorm pillow ideas and add a few pillows to your sofa or bed. Something as simple as red decorative pillows can really spice up your interior!At Pillows Deluxe, we enjoy giving the finishing touch to your decor. We offer loads mix and match textures.

Bolster Pillow: It is totes easy to create a cozy and stylish lounging area. Just choose some of our bolster decorative pillows!Putout these charming cylinders and voila! The character and warmth of a bed or sofa will is enhanced. There’s no end to the fun you can have with decorative bolster pillows.

Heart-shaped Pillow: We make sure that you get the best home goods when you shop from our online store. Find your choice of heart-shaped pillows and pick the one that best suits your style.

Triangle Pillow: We have the coolest triangle pillows, go get em’! It can be used as a back rest to lean against while sitting. Our triangle pillows bring comfort to you at every position. They conveniently position your body for reading, watching TV etc.

Nursing Pillow: You can make nursing so much easier for yourself and your baby! Our products feature the latest and most innovative designs which help mothers and their babies feel comfortable while nursing. Some of our nursing pillows can also be used as a cushion for the babies.

Maternity body pillow: Our maternity body pillow is designed by us pillow manufacturers with mom’s growing belly in mind. It supports the belly and the lower back, too.Some feature the adjustable velcropad between the two support cushions. It is best for personal comfort and is made up of 100% natural cotton and hypo allergenic poly-fill.

Custom pillow manufacturers deal with pillow inserts of your choice of size, shape or fill… You just need to tell us what you’re dreaming of, and we will get the comfiest wholesale pillow inserts you’ve ever fluffed right out to you.

Our pillow inserts are available with the same premium fill and ticking options as our bed and hotel pillows.