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Custom Pillows

We can manufacture pillow inserts with any size, shape, or fill, but they all have one thing in common: They’re filled and sewn to be extra-comfy. Just tell us what you’re dreaming of and we’ll get the comfiest wholesale pillow inserts you’ve ever fluffed right out to you.

Our pillow inserts are available with all of the same premium fill and ticking options as our bed and hotel pillows.

Pillow Programs

Our custom pillow inserts are available with all of the same premium fill and ticking options as our bed and hotel pillows.

We can fill your pillow shell with our insert, zipper or button it close and do special packing instructions for your special programs. We can also blow-fill your shells provided by customers.

Bed & Hotel Pillows

You need a pillow that looks crisp and chic but feels deliciously soft to the touch. We’ve got it! From natural down and feather to premium non-recycled polyfiber, our wholesale pillows offer the perfect balance of fluffiness and support for blissful, restorative sleep.

Customer Favorites:

Cuddly Choice:Premium spiral crimp hollow siliconized non-recycled fibers encased in a smooth non-woven ticking.

Cozy Choice:Micro-thin, ultrasoft down-alternative fibers encased in a silky cotton-blend ticking.

Our Pillow Sizes:

Standard 20" x 26"Perfect for a twin bed or paired on a full or queen bed. Fits standard pillowcases.

Queen 20" x 30"Best paired on a full or queen bed, tripled on a king bed, or used singly for a generously made up twin bed. Fits standard pillowcases.

King 20" x 36"Extra length for pairing on a king bed. Fits king pillowcases.

Sleeping Pillows & Pillows Inserts Options

You can choose from a variety of fills for pillows and pillow inserts.

Cuddly Choice Polyfiber

Our premium spiral crimp hollow siliconized non-recycled fibers make this hypoallergenic fill the pinnacle of comfort.

Cozy Choice Microfiber

Micro-thin, ultrasoft fibers make this hypoallergenic fill the closest synthetic alternative to down.

Comfy Choice Ball Fiber

Ultrasoft yet remarkably resilient, this endlessly fluffable hypoallergenic fill offers a little more support.

Silver Choice 5/95

With 5% down and 95% feathers, our 5/95 natural fill offers all the delicious fluff of down with a little more support.

Gold Choice 25/75

With 25% Down & 75% Feathers makes this pillow both soft and durable both for sleeping and for luxurious inserts.

Platinum Choice 50/50

With 50% Down & 50% Feathers makes this superior fill a very deluxe choice to cradle for sleeping.

We also offer a choice of tickings for pillows and pillow inserts.


Smooth and silky, with exceptional hypoallergenic performance.


Crisp, fresh, and breathable, with a classic look and feel.


Sleek and soft, with a surface that keeps down and feathers from peeking out.

Decorative Cushions
& Specialty Pillows

Our stock decorative cushion shapes include round, bolster, heart-shaped and triangle.
We make a variety of specialty pillows, too. Some of our customers’ favorites include nursing and maternity body pillows.

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About Pillows Deluxe

Looking for wholesale pillows that are firm enough yet soft enough, and just the size and shape you need but thought you’d never find? We’ve got them! From bed and hotel pillows to custom pillow inserts to cushions and specialty pillows, we manufacture and import only the most luxurious fluff!!!

Our family business has been turning out the stuff of your dreams since 1995. Located in upstate New York, we manufacture and import all kinds of fluffy goodness. Our wholesale pillows, pillow inserts and cushions are stuffed with the finest quality of natural filling or non-recycled polyfibers. We stand behind our pillows. Give us a ring and order your wholesale shipment today.

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